Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a lovely Easter this year. We spent the morning at home before taking Kady to work and then going on to J's family for the day. Late afternoon J went and picked Kady up from work so that she could enjoy Easter with the family.

The day began with checking out what the Easter Bunny had left everyone.Then onto to our traditional Easter Egg hunt in the back yard.

Off to Mary and Eddies, where the Easter Bunny had left more goodies for Leah, Zac, Megan and Kady. Megan and Zac enjoyed searching Babcia's garden for Easter Goodies. Each year all the kids get new pj's. It's so cute to see them all dressed up in the by the end of the day. Kady came back from work and put hers on straight away.

A few photo's in Babcia and Djudjals magical garden. All the fairy mushrooms near the pine trees. There were hundreds of them this year. They looked amazing. Megan was quite fasinated by them.

Off down the block to ride Boof the sheep and the neighbours horse. A walk through the vineyard and to finish off the day we picked lots of vegies from Babcia and Djudjals huge veggie patch.

We finished off the evening with lots of traditional Polish food cooked by Mary and Eddie. We had a lovely day.

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