Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family Photos

Uncle Michael sent me a few pictures today of Dad's side of the family from slides. A fantastic good morning to open the inbox to a few treasures. Will share a few today.

Group photo of the family on Dad's side. Not sure what was happening this day. We have a pic that I have scrapped that must have been taken on the same day. Will have to find it.
In this photo, Auntie Karen, Uncle Richard, Jackie, Uncle Michael, Dad, Tony (part of him),
Grandad, Me (half of me), Nanny and David, Auntie Beryl, Mum and Peter.

My first Christmas. December 1969. The date is wrong on the first picture. It amazes me how much like Leah looks like me when she was a baby.
My beautiful Nanny. She never looked any older. Love this lady to bits and miss her so much every day.

My Mum and I. Kady looks so much like her.
These photos must of been taken in early July or late June before we emigrated to Austalia. Brothers Richard and Will, Mum and my cousins David and Peter. The panda looks very familiar.

Mum and Dad look so young. Mum was 25 and Dad 27. We moved to Australia just the four of us and Mum knew only one girl she had been to school with. Not sure what Mum and Dad are looking at in this picture.


Anonymous said...

love looking at these old pics the one of us all togeather was at peter chrisning
I cant belive the time has gone by so quick some of these were taken at wills friends house tony, just before we came over here

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................