Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wild Weather

We had three days of wild weather this week.

For three days in a row you may have thought we were in tropical Queensland and not in Victoria. We had torrential rain, fires and flash flooding. These photos are ones I found online.
On Wednesday we had a few fires start around us due to lightening strikes in the forest. The fire tree was activated after I followed the fire truck up the hill. Luckily not long after they started we had a downpour of rain. We ended up with 36 mls and it put the fires out.

Kady and Leah's highschool got hit pretty bad. In fact the entire town was affected with the flash flooding. Kady's classroom was hit by lightening. They were in the computer room and the lightening caused several holes in the roof. The school was hit three times. There were logs floating down the street in front of the school.

Outside the school. Leah said in some parts of the street you couldn't see the wheels on the cars.

The main street.

The local shopping centre. The roof collapsed in one area and flooded the inside. An electrical store and restraurant were flooded as the water poured down one end of the shopping centre.

The bowling green.

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