Saturday, July 04, 2009


My girl Bella. She's a little whirlwind and my back sliding door has never been so dirty. I clean it and two minutes later there are Bella pawprints and noseprints back on the glass. We wouldn't have it any other way.

We are all totally smitten with her. She is a real deep golden colour now. Darker than what the latest photos show. You can see in these pics how much she has grown in 3.5 short months.

Sadly her best mate and neighbour Xena was put down last month. She was a Rhodesian Ridgeback and developed a lump on the back of her neck. It was a cancerous tumour and apparently it's quite common in this breed. Bella really misses playing with her and often walks up to the back fence looking for her. Xena was only a few weeks younger than Bella.

Bella in true Golden Retriever style always has lots of goodies on our back door step. She's also a little prone to walking around with a sock in her mouth. She's also a hug fan of cuddles and tends to take after me and talks a lot LOL

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