Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th July, 1974

Thirty five years since Mum, Dad, Tony and I first moved to Australia.

What an amazing time. So grateful for my Mum and Dad's courage to move to another country on their own at such a young age.

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Anonymous said...

i can remember the trip to Australia as though it was yesterday, took for ever,i was so sad to leave Linda Mike Pete and Janet and sharon behind but we were young, and we had to think of our kids future we wanted only the best for them and look where they are now could not be more proud of them they have done so well.And then quite a few years later along came Donna Doll she took so long to come along the most expensive baby ever.
You all have come a long way and I love you to bits you are all hard working and get on with your lifes even though some of you have come accross a few big hurdles, more so my Dawn with her breast cancer the strongest woman I know love you dawn and then my baby Doll when her hubby walked out on her when Dylan was 3 months old you too are a strong woman and a good mother love you doll, and my Tony what can I say he is a happy guy good worker and always gets on with his life and always bounces back, love you Tony you will always be my little manny, oh forgot to say, a great looking guy, must take after my side
So we have murphy Manny and Doll 3 great kids love you all so much