Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks Kev

For our 5 metres of firewood. Red Gum to be exact. A luxury for us as we normally get a permit and go into the forest and spend weekend after weekend cutting lots of common gum. Something we will still be doing as we only have about 9 metres of firewood (common, red gum and pine off cuts) and we need about 20 metres minimum to last through the cold months.

For those who have a fire you would know that Red Gum burns so much hotter and longer than common (it also smells so yum when freshly cut). We will mix it with the common during the day and burn red gum at night.

When Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued the stimulous packages we decided to buy 5 metres of Red Gum. Did we stimulate the economy? Well we bought local and someone's pocket was $600 better lined so that must be good. Although it's not a wide screen tv (as many were predicted to buy) I know on our cold winter nights I will be loving my Red Gum more than a wide screen lol.

The before pic is top left. It's really hard to guage just how much wood is there . 2.5 hours later the pile bottom left is all that's left. It's damp here today so it's covered with a tarp so we can use it without it being wet. The rest is neatly stacked along the length of the shed about 1.5 metres high and the second line started in front. I would have finished it all yesterday but the wheel came off the wheel barrow and I crushed my finger ouch, between two pieces.

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