Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Sunday

We had a great day today celebrating Eddie's 60th. I took NO photos but everyone else took many. It was so nice spending time with all the family and friends.

Caught up with family and friends, Marian, Carol, Rita, Richard, Jayne, Shane, Jenna, Theresa, Maria, Djudak, Henry, Michelle, Cindy, Leslie, Michael, Margie, Henry, Ann and many more. A lovely day. Love the Polish birthday song etc

We really need to spend a day or two learning all the old recipes so they can be carried on. My girls need to be able to continue the traditions of all the polish recipes.

We spent some time tonight with Simon and Debbie after taking Dylan home. Talking about Debbie's visit to Egypt and Dubai. Not too sure about the crocs on the Nile but the trip sounded awesome. Debbie gave us some lovely pressies. I received a beautiful gold coloured scarf, Kady a hippo carved from stone (Kady LOVES Hippos) and Leah a turquoise egg and J a lovely pen.

I am off to Oncology tomorrow. I had a mammogram a few weeks ago that they weren't too happy with. They sent me for an ultrasound straight after the mammogram. Will find out the results tomorrow. Not too worried as I know they would have contacted me if they were concerned about the results.

Wish me luck. It's always a worrying time having a checkup.


Shazz said...

your family celebration sounds wonderful Dawn. and sometimes it is nice to leave the camera behind.

will be thinking of you today. i am sure you will be fine xo

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well Dawn today
love u