Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heading towards Milparinka and Depot Glen to see Sturts Cairn. Check out this fellow on the corner.

James Pooles grave alongside Preservation Creek at Depot Glen. James Poole was second in charge to Charles Sturt and developed scurvy during their six month stay at Depot Glen. Gave me goose bumps to think this tree was here 160 odd years ago. The exploration party needed 4500 litres of water a day for all the members of the party and animals. One of the reasons they camped the summer alongside the river.

The carving in the tree marking James Pooles grave at Depot Glen. JP 1945.

View from near the top of Mt Poole where Sturt had his men walk daily to build a cairn to keep them occupied whilst staying at Depot Glen and to overlook Pooles grave. The dark line on the horizon is the creek where they camped for six months. The white dot in the centre is our car. It was about 4 in the afternoon and about 37 degrees. Not bad for early spring. What appears to be dirt as far as you can see if actually gibber rocks.

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Paula... said...

So good to see it's still all intact - there was news a few years ago that it had been vandalised.