Monday, October 13, 2008

Approaching road train. Some roads we pulled over to let them pass as the dust trail was blinding. Along this road after travelling 1529kms the UHF aerial snapped off (brand new). The road along here was in good condition with bitumen in the dips/creek crossings. You could sit on 80 or 90 kms. Our trailer plug was smashed to pieces on this road by rocks flicked up. Not to worry as you are lucky to pass another car so no need for lights lol. Check out the beautiful red dirt. (click on pics to enlarge)

Tool Tree and Baby Tool Tree , on the corner of Henry Roberts Rd (from White Cliffs) and Silver City Highway.

Silver City Highway heading towards Tibooburra. This was quite corrugated for a bit and our bumpiest road so far on our travels.
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Paula... said...

You aint felt corrugations until you've been up through Cape York ROFL. Man check out how red it is - looks like the brilliant red of the Simpson Desert. It's so beautiful isn't it :)