Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Few More Things

have been ticked off the back to school list.

Last week Kady's text books arrived. Last year and this year we had them delivered for a small fee as it's a lot easier than lining up for hours at the school to collect them. They still need to be covered in contact. A job I hate.

A few weeks ago we picked up most of Leah's school uniform at Highpoint. Kady only really needed a new shirt (due to a lovely kid putting black paint on hers in art) and some navy pants. We picked up the shirt from the new uniform supplier for her school (a bit cheaper than the previous seller). Now we just have to buy the pants.

Today we shopped for school shoes. I like them to wear good well fitted leather school shoes as their feet spend many hours in them. Two pairs of school shoes and one pair of runners for Leah and I am $150 poorer. Not too bad as the school shoes were only $59.95 each and because we bought two pairs of school shoes we got the runners for half price. My bargain for the day lol.

We also finished up getting the rest of Leah's stationary.

I ended up having to take my printer in to Mt Helen, to get fixed as Neil's job got cancelled that took him near our place. Gave me the push to get some more school stuff out of the way anyway.

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