Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Epson 1290

Over the last few weeks my Epson 1290 printer has started leaving red lines across everything I print. I thought at first maybe the nozzles were blocked or something minor like that because over Christmas I hadn't used it and they may have clogged up with all the hot weather.

After doing a search online I started to realise that it sounded like the printer head had gone. Apparently a common problem with Epson printers. The Epson 1290 is a top of the range A3 printer and four years ago cost me $1300. I print all my own photos as the quality is amazing and I have not found any photo shops that give me the same results.

Over the last year I have spent a small amount of money on the printer as the arm had a crack in it. This printer has worked hard over the last four years.

This morning I rang up Nevett's who specialise in Epson printer and they told me they would have to order the part in. The part is $240 plus labour. Neil has always claimed that this printer is well worth spending the money on getting it fixed and that they have never not been able to fix one. I have to agree as I can't imagine going back to store printing.

They told me they would order the part in but then realised that yesterday one had been sent to them by accident. Looks like they can fix it straight away. yipppppeeeeee. Even better Neil is coming down my way today so will meet me up the road to pick it up. No hour drive to take it to get fixed. Someone is looking out for me today.

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