Saturday, November 17, 2007

Once again the last few weeks have flown by. I have been slack updating my blog. Been busy living life, as well as working and going to the gym. Not to much creating happening but it's nice being outside this time of year. I hope you are all well and enjoying life.
So what has been happening in the Stan household. J had a week off over cup weekend. We did heaps around the house in regards to fire preparation. Our block is now ready. Well as ready as it can be.
A few weeks ago they began burn offs around us to lower our risk of fire during summer. This has been planned over the last few years. Finally the conditions were right to begin. They lost it for a while down the bottom of our road near some houses, but all was right and stage one was completed. That night it poured with rain and over the next few days we had about 60mm of rain. On Monday they began a burn off again. Once again the DSE didn't notify residents. My neighbour over the back rang me in a panic thinking we were in the midst of a bush fire. We had a helicopter with a siren circling, firetrucks racing by etc. No update on the DSE website till later in the afternoon. I went for a drive and saw a roadside sign saying 'burn off', so gathered stage 2 was taking place. Later that evening they lost control but luckily for us the wind was in our favour and although it looked really bad and was very close we were safe. I headed off to work telling J to ring me if conditions changed.
Leah headed off on her first school camp. Leah's school begin camps in prep. She is in year 4. She has NEVER wanted to go. As you can guess she loved it. It was a surf camp. She had a ball learning how to ride a surfboard. She even managed to stand up a few times. I am sure she won't hesitate next year going. First day back from camp Leah's class went on an excursion to Ecolinc to see how their plants were going that they were growing their from a few months ago.
Here's a pic of some of the fires around us on Monday. They are still burning in some spots five days on.
This little guy is really tame. A few years ago we had a tame cockie that used to stop by. This one looks young. I am sure he has been a catch and release from the wildlife centre as he is so tame and tries to talk. They are beautiful but so destructive to our house and garden. In a blink they can strip our lemon tree or a new plant I have put i the garden etc This one is nice so far.
Our local Mum and bub. Not a good pic. The lighting was really bad. Sometimes Mum holds baby on the back and sometimes cuddles on the front. The pics I took are funny. Baby is trying to reach up and grab a branch and Mum keeps smacking it's hand down so she can sleep.


Lyn Dw yer said...

What gorgeous pics of your area the koala and the cocky....we have a cocky in out tree at the back but it's kinda solid....doesn't move...and is made of cement....LOL!

judee d said...

Awesome pics Dawn, just love them all.
Hope this finds you and your family well and healthy.
Keep smiling andhealthy

sollie said...

I really can't believe that you have these animals near the house.
Enjoy the weekend, Isolde

Paula (poncho) said...

Dayna is heading off on camp to Anglesea next month also - she's really looking forward to it. I'm so glad the DSE managed to get their act together with those burn-offs. I love where you live BUT the fire risk would be just too much for me :-P

Cockie and Koala are too cute - now this is why I WOULD live in the bush, although yes those cockies are so destructive :( We have hundreds of Corella's around here at the moment and they're just ripping the trees to shreds!

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Dawn it just looks soooo beautiful where you live! **sigh** I think I'm going to have to move in!
xxJillyGG =D