Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ten Years Old & Some News

Yesterday Leah turned ten years old. She was so excited. She is having a birthday party this weekend at the YMCA. The party is a fun and games party and includes rope climbing, trampolines and lots more.

She opened our presents Tuesday evening when Jason was home. She got a pixel chic, a book of how to draw funky things, a bratz dvd and bratz book as well as some stationary items.

Leah also received Auntie Cassi's present from NZ and opened it on Tuesday night. Auntie Cassi and Uncle Ash sent her a drawing pad, pastels and a Molly Moon novel. Leah loved them Cass.

Last night Mary and Eddie came over for dinner and I snapped this photo of Leah opening her gift from them. She was excited to find they had got her a Bratz doll named Leah as well as some sketch pencils, underwear and four different tops and a pair of three quarter leggings. Leah has some lovely tops now for summer.

Leah received cards in the mail from Auntie Donna, Nana and Pete and Rose.

We went to Sandra's funeral on Friday. It was a lovely service. Sad but also very funny. Her good sense of humour came through in the service.

I worked most of the weekend as well as spending Saturday mowing the grass and burning off. I got burnt on my lips on Saturday. Since chemo I seem to burn easier. It was stinking hot all weekend. A taste of summer. Jason installed my cd/mp3 player in the car from out of the four runner and also the spotlights from Dad.

Auntie Beryl had her breast cancer operation on Monday. I rang her on Sunday and we had a good chat. Uncle Michael rang me early Tuesday morning to say that Beryl had come through the operation well and was a little happy on morphine. We will know more over the next week as to what treatment she will have and whether or not she will need further surgery.

Monday I attended a Special Diets training day through work. It was really interesting. A lot of the info I had studied at uni when I did Food Technology but there is a lot more info available nowadays. I am now hopefully up to date on the top eight main allergens. We also spent 3 hours cooking recipes to suit different dietary requirements. I made Quinoa with carmelised red onion and pumpkin salad (done with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar). It is served on a bed of rocket and topped with shaved parmesan. This is for a gluten free diet. It was really tasty. Something I would even consider making at home as a summer salad.

Tuesday my buddy Wendy hosted a pink ribbon morning tea. Wendy set up the tables with pink balloons, pink plates and everyone bought lots of yummy food to eat including pink boob cutcakes. Wendy held raffles and I won some lovely goodies. We raised $270. Thanks so much Wendy. I had a wonderful time.

Wednesday, I went to the gym and I had a fitness assessment. My heart is really good and above average. My trainer said even though I had put on weight I had a good fitness level. Not bad after all the chemo etc. Pity I don't feel as healthy as my results show lol. I spent half and hour working out.

Today I headed back to the gym and went through my program with the personal trainer. After 45 minutes I was feeling pretty hot and had worked out well. I was meant to spend 20 minutes on the cross trainer but I only lasted 15. I was amazed at how much weight I have put on. I weigh 80kg, eeekkk. Hoping to lose a heap of this. I don't want to go back down to was I was originally but I would be happy to lose 15 kg.

Jason begins a new site job next week. He is looking forward to running his own site again after the last few months helping out at other sites until his was ready to begin.

Kady scored 33 out of 37 for her science exam this week. At the moment she is hoping to study Forensic Science when she leaves schoool. She knows that she won't achieve this unless she gets top marks in Math's and Science. These are her two lowest subjects so she really will have to work very hard to achieve this. She is doing really well though.

I am busy tonight making cupcakes for Leah's birthday party.


auntie rose said...

hi hope leah has a good time at the weekend ,,she looks like she has grown all of a sudden,she has still got that smile,what pixel chix did she get,? there is lots of new ones out over here .glad to hear that beryl got through her operation we wish her well xlove to you all take care love rose,pete ,kirsty xxxxx

Megan said...

Hi Dawn!

While you were holding a 1 day old baby, I was getting married! Good things happened 10 years ago, didn't they?

You know, I've just lost 10 kilos on the CSIRO's really easy to follow and the food is great. Even my husband ate it lol.

Hoping you have a great weekend,
Megan xx

sollie said...

Congratulations to your daughter!! Waw, she got many lovely presents.
Wish we had some hot weather over here but it's fall so it's cold and windy.
Love, Isolde