Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cancer Sucks

Ok, I have said this so many times and honestly it really does suck.

I received a phone call this morning at work from Dad, telling me that my auntie Beryl (Dad's brothers wife) in England was diagnosed with breast cancer over the last few days. Not sure of all the details but she found out through a mammogram.

I feel so angry and so sad for Beryl. I hope I can help her through her journey.

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer according to latest statistics on TV (no idea how accurate this is) for breast cancer awareness month, over the last few weeks. When I was diagnosed just over a year ago, it was one in eleven women (3 of us just on a scrapbooking group I am a member of out of 30, have been diagnosed with breast cancer, all were 40 and under).

Girls for those over forty run and get a mammogram. If not check your boobs regular. For those under 40 this is when, breast cancer is the most aggressive and fastest growing. Early detection saves your life.

Please give generously this month to help find a cure for breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month. By a product, donate etc to help raise funds to find a cure for this horrible disease.


Anonymous said...

im very sory to hear about beryl i was only talking to her just over a month ago... love mick xx

rose said...

sorry to hear about your aunt beryl xxx

Valerie said...

Hope all goes well with you Beryl, thinking of you.
I will be there soon, hope I can cheer you up.
So many people have this I see it every day in my work, all we can do is be there for you, we will all go through this jorney with you every step of the way.
Just remember, baby steps.and one day at a time.
Love to you both.
Will and Valerie xx

judee d said...

My thoughts are with Beryl at this time. I agree with you as I have done so many times. Cancer does suck. I am one of four children of which two have already passed away results of the terrible cancer and of the remainder,one is so far a survivor of Breast cancer and I am the only one clear in the family. For goodness sake everyone. Awareness is the best cure. STAY AWARE.
Keep smiling and healthy

linda said...

hi sorry to hear about beryl she is a nice lady could you give val a message to if she is staying with us i have not heard from her give our love to everyone from the logie clan