Thursday, October 18, 2007


The days have been so busy lately. If I owe you an email I apologise. I will hopefully get to answer them all over the next few days. The kids went back to school last week. I have been working heaps and by the time I get home I can't be bothered with the computer. Not much has been happening scrapbooking wise. My mojo went walkabout but the other day I did an off the page item and some work for my top tens, so I think it may be coming back slowly. I am hoping to start work on a mini album from Christmas a few years ago when we went to Lake Fyans. Have got together all the goodies, lots of Kaiser stuff so just have to organise photos.

Monday I had my oncology checkup (9 month appointment although I am 9 months post chemo). They do a physical to check for lumps and bumps and swollen glands. Nothing major. This doctor (a new one) was very impressed with my scar. She told me it was beautiful lol. I have had that said a lot by many doctors. I suppose some people depending where their lump is causes surgery to heal differently or change your shape etc.

You would think after having cancer there is more they would do but they pretty much leave it up to you to detect any changes, and give you an annual mammogram.

All is good. I see the doctor on 15th January 2008. The only thing I hate about the public system is that you see a different doctor most of the time. You also seem to have to wait for ages (although I did this for years privately as well). My appointment was at 10.15am (the first appointment) but I wasn't seen until 11.30am ( a quick wait this time). I hate sitting around. It is sad to see the other ladies about to begin their journey of treatment, surgeries etc.

This month is breast cancer awareness month. Please donate, buy a badge/pin etc to help raise money for research. My friend Wendy is holding a pink ribbon brunch on Tuesday in honour of me to help raise money for breast cancer research. Looking forward to seeing all the girls and helping a wonderful cause.

Tuesday morning I received a phone call from Donna G to say (her Mum) and our friend Sandra had lost her battle with cancer. I feel so sad for Donna and her family but so glad that Sandra is no longer suffering. They had a hard time over recent weeks trying to keep her pain under control. Sandra went in for a simple knee operation back in February and they found a tumour. It was secondary and the primary was in her lungs and ribs. Sandra was such a funny lady. Always made you laugh even when things weren't too good. We will miss her funny emails and her sense of humour. The funeral is tomorrow morning.

On a lighter note I have wasted time over the last few months on Facebook. Add me as a friend if you wish. It's an easy way of keeping up with all the aunts, uncle, cousins, old school friends and scrapping buddies.

Leah turns ten next week. I know I say it all the time but where has the time gone. She is having a birthday party on Saturday with all her friends at the YMCA and then family will probably come over in the evening. Leah's party is a fun and games party with rope climbing, trampolines, pass the parcel etc.

I have made up 20 gift bags filled with lollies, popcorn, juice, chips, fruit and jelly, kids packaged biscuits and heaps of other bits and pieces rather than do the standard food that I will end up taking most of it home. I am adding all the lollies into the bag rather than doing lollie bags. That way the kids can eat what they want at the party or take it all home. I have also bought them a bottle of water each and will tie a tag on the neck of the bottle with their name on it. After all the running and climbing they will do they will need a cool drink.

Not long till Mich and Lee come. Jason and I have been researching places to go and where we will camp. They have headed up towards Broome for the next two weeks. Next they are off to Uluru.

Happy birthday to Mim for next week.

Christmas is approaching fast. I have started buying a couple of presents. Everyone is coming to our house this Christmas. Looking forward to it.

All my seeds have sprouted in my greenhouse. I have transplanted a million lettuce and have a million more to find homes for so that they can grow. All my herbs have sprouted. Jason has planted three habanero chilli plants.

We have wild ducks with their babies here once again this year. They are so cute.

I caught up with Paula this morning for a cuppa for her birthday. We went to the Flying Teapot. Such a cool cafe.

Anyway it's wild and windy here today. We have an extreme fire warning. I can't thing of anything else to add for now. I will share my off the page creation shortly.

Edited to add. This afternoon I went to pick up Leah from the bus stop. Walking back into our yard along the driveway I stepped over a snake. I thought it was a small tree branch as I was chatting to the girls. It was only just over a foot long. A baby red belly black. I sent the girls to get the axe and attempted to chop it in half . Lucky for Sammy snake I wasn't successful. As I hit it there was another beside a rock on the other side of the garden about the same size. yuck. I hate them. Part of living in the bush. I would much rather see a bit one than little babies. At least you can see where they are.


Megan said...

Oh yuck Dawn - I hate snakes!!! It's the one thing I don't miss about our own farm!

I am so pleased to hear your oncology check up went well, and that you have a beautiful scar :-) I can't imagine what it must be like sitting and seeing all the other women starting their must be so hard not to throw your arms around them and try and offer support of some kind.

Olivia has been parading around with her Pink Ribbon wristband, so I hope she hasn't worn it out y the time Monday comes around lol.

Megan xx

Megan said...

I meant our OLD farm lol...

rose said...

hi glad your check up went ok ,,sorry to hear about your friend ,weather here is getting a lot colder at night your mum will need a thick coat when she comes over she will keep it on all the time ,,as for the snake u can keep them ,,,love to you all love from rose,pete,kirsty,and all the isted family xxxxxxxxxxx

Valerie said...

dont know what happened I had posted this once .
I have got a few winter things rose, very hard to buy them this time of the year, will maybe have to buy them over there.
Sorry to hear about your friend Dawn as you say cancer sucks.
Will go vist my mum at the cemetry when I am in the uk, will tell her how much I miss her and love her, and tell her about my 3 beutiful kids and how well they have done will tell her about my lovely grandkids, and how very specilal they all are.
She would want to know why it has taken me so long to vist, I will tell her about my lovely brothers and sisters and how well they all turned out, she would be so happy to know that.
Linda if you read this I said that was the 19th of nov ok to stay with you, and would you like to come over to paris with us.
I may have the wrong icq num.
Glad to hear that your tests were all ok dawn.
So sad to see all the cancer people in our oncol ward I always tell them about my brave daughter, I think that it cheers them up.

judee d said...

So sorry to hear of your friend. At least is is nice to have happy memories. They are something that never fades.
I am so happy about your checkup. It is amazing how the smallest of things (scars) can get a doctor going. I suppose if I had their education I too would get excited about
I agree with you about snakes. Much prefer to see the big one than the little ones. A little scary.
It must be nice with the lovely weather out on the farm now. You take the time to enjoy it and smell the roses (as they say). Don't overdo it tooooooo much. I know easier said than done. but at least try.
Keep smiling and healthy.