Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fiskars Spotlight Demonstration

In Braybrook today was awesome.

A steady stream of ladies that were so keen to try all the new tools and create a beautiful card and tag.

Had heaps of fun meeting some scrappers and card makers.

Towards the end of the demo, many of the people in the store starting having little coughing fits, etc. I had this tickle that wouldn't go away. I put it down to talking so much lol and kept sipping my water. One lady at my table had a coughing fit and had to leave and go home. Tonight I was browsing and saw this news article. We were only km's away as the crow flies so I gather we may have been sucking in a few fumes from a chemical leak.

City residents warned of chemical leak
By Julie Tullberg
September 15, 2007 07:27pm
Article from: AAP
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A CHEMICAL leak that can affect people's breathing and lungs is causing havoc in Melbourne's west as fire crews try to contain the flammable liquid.
The chemical, ethyl acrylate, is believed to be floating as vapour near Coode Island where it was discovered at a shipping container terminal, DP World, about 2.40pm (AEST).
About 60 firefighters have worked to help contain the chemical leak, Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) spokesman David Mann said.
The chemical, known to be a respiratory irritant, is an additive for paint products.
An evacuation zone of 1km has been enforced, protecting shipping workers at Coode Island and nearby residents across the Maribyrnong River.
People are urged to close their windows, car doors or homes if they smell the chemical, Mr Mann said.
The chemical has been found in a damaged shipping container, which will be isolated, using a forklift, and then chemical specialists will stop the leak.
Two workers were assessed to ensure they were not affected after inhaling the fumes, Mr Mann said.
"The workers were treated at the scene but they did not require being transported to hospital by ambulance officers,'' Mr Mann said.
"The MFB scientific officer is at the scene with the EPA.''
Police have blocked off roads, including Footscray and Docklands roads, leading to Coode Island. Police closed Footscray and Docklands roads as the fire brigade dealt with the leak. The workers at the site were sent home, as emergency crews moved in to contain the leak.


Elie Smith, -- Perth WA said...

Glad your day was good can't wait till our spotlight is finished being refurbished so we might have a few demos Elie :-)

The Clarks said...

hope everyone was ok :)