Thursday, September 27, 2007

Been a little busy to update the old blog.

Ok here goes.

Tonight we are heading off to Denilliquin Ute Muster to catch up with Dad, Donna, Dylan, and Donna's fiance Chris. Can't wait. We are expecting a little rain, 20 ish degree days but cold nights down to 2 degrees.

We have some friends staying at our house whilst we are away. Enjoying a break from the city.

Yesterday they all left home to head down to Deni. Their convoy was just out of Goondiwindi when the car Donna, Chris and D were in was involved in an accident. Not sure what happened as they think a tyre may have blown but the car spun around across the highway and rolled into a ditch. They are all ok thank god. Cuts, bruises, black eyes etc. They spent a few hours in hospital before Dad hired a car for them to continue their journey down here.

The car is a completely totalled. They were driving Chris's Dad's ute. Car's can be replaced so that's the least of their worries. Donna was lucky that she lent across to protect Dylan and covered him over as a lot of their luggage in the back under the tourneau cover came through the window. Chris's side took the brunt of the accident. I am sure they will all be sore today.

Can't wait to see them all tonight. Will be swagging it under the stars tonight and tomorrow setting up the tent in the family area. The nights are going to be a little cool so we are taking a fire and some wood. Kady's best friend is going with her family so Kady is really excited.

My cousin Claire and her husband Neal are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy called Oliver born Tuesday 18th September weighing 8lb 11oz.

My Uncle Mick (Dad's brother) rang me on Sunday. I had just got in from work. It was great to talk to him. We love chatting about photography.

School holidays began on Tuesday for two weeks.

Last week in the lead up to school holidays we had parent teacher interviews. Both girls are doing great at school.

Mich and Lee continue their travels around the world. They are currently in Colva, a little beach in Goa. Miche caught conjunctivitis whilst there so has been a little sick.

Over the last week Tony and Mim moved into their new house.

Tony celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday little brother. Sounds like you are enjoying living in the new house.

Mum's trip to the UK is booked for November. Mary's trip to China is also booked for November. Both grandma's will be travelling at similar times across the world.

We have one goose sitting on ten eggs. Due any day.

Jason has begun building the shelving and his studio in the shed. Can't wait till it's all neat and tidy.

Ok that's all I can think of for now. Stay safe and have a great weekend.

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