Monday, September 03, 2007


My little sister rang me on Saturday night and announced that Chris and her have decided to get engaged. All the best guys. Congratulations............ the wedding will be a year or more away.

Looking forward to meeting Chris at the end of the month when they come down this way for the Deni Ute Muster.

Speaking of Deni, we are all looking forward to going. Can't wait to chill out and listen to the music. Leah is looking forward to some activities in the family tent with Dylan. Also hoping to catch the bull riding and many other daily activities.

This years line up include, Lee Kernaghan, Troy Cassar-Daley (love Troy), Hoodoo Gurus (can't wait to see them), The McClymonts, Col Finley, Kane Harrison, James Blundell, Felicity Urquhart, The Pigs, The Distance, & The Baileys. Should be a great weekend.

This year we are camping in the family area and not in the sales area with Dad. We need some sleep lol, Anyone going make sure you drop by and say hi at BNS Gear.

Tomorrow my Nanny has been gone seven months. I miss her so much. Miss our chats on the phone. Still finding it hard that she is gone.

Today my cousin Miche and her boyfriend Lee left for an adventure of a lifetime. I am so excited for them as they backpack around the world. I can't wait to see them after Christmas. They will spend two weeks with us. We have so much planned. A camping trip along Great Ocean Road and then onto South Australia to Mount Gambier and then a night at the Grampians and then home. They want to go on a Neighbours tour, will show them Melbourne. Can't wait. They had a four hour delay on their flight today to leave Heathrow.

My brother and his family are coming down for Christmas this year. The kids are so excited. Can't wait to see their cousins. It's been four years since they have been down to visit.

My niece Emily turns 18 next week. Happy birthday Em. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. I can't believe Em is nearly 18. Where did that time go. I remember her as a four year old getting around in her Billicart outfits.

This week will be a busy one. You will find me at the FISKARS stand at the Stitches and Craft Show this week on Wednesday and Friday. It will take over two hours to get there. eeeekkkkk. So looking forward to it. Stop by our stand and say hi. I will be in the classroom with Helen Williams on Friday.

I am also demonstrating for Fiskars at Spotlight in Ballarat this Saturday (8th September) and next Saturday (15th September)at Braybrook. Lots of cool tools to show you. Stop by and say hi.

I did my Indian cooking class today with one of the local doctor's wives, Asha. We cooked Fish curry and it was awesome (you can guess what we are having for dinner tomorrow night),It's the type of meal that you can substitute fish with chicken etc. Also a chickpea dish (mmmmm very yummy, need to buy some new spices to create it), some breads that are made from a flour dough and shallow fried. All served with rice.

This week is book week at Leah's school. I think she plans on dressing up as a Charmed One on Friday. It changes daily so stay tuned.

Jason has spent the last few days shoveling gravel, digging trenches etc in preparation for our concrete to be layed in our shed next weekend. It's been a work in progress over the last two years due to my cancer diagnosis. Cancer Sucks. It stopped us getting our shed finished lol. The water has flowed through the shed for the last two years so we haven't been able to use it. J has dug trenches to redirect the overflow of the back tank etc . poor bugger his back is aching tonight.

J and I spent Sunday filing pots with potting mix to go in the Hot House. I have sewn tomato, chilli, lettuce, coriander and basil seeds. J just has to add timber to the bottom of the greenhouse and i have to add some jiggly bell type thing to the lower beams so we don't wipe ourselves out lol.

I worked over the weekend. Father's Day Sunday so I didn't ring Dad till late. J went to visit his Dad on Sunday morning. Kady felt sick so I stayed home with her.

Saturday night we celebrated Father's Day with Eddie. It as an early night as Eddie had to got to bed to get up just after midnight to head to work. Took a few pics of Megan, Leah and even fewer of little Zac. Will share them soon.

Hope you have lasted through this post. Excuse the spelling mistakes tonight. Too tired to do a spell check.


Valerie said...

congrats to Donna and Chris on their engagment dad and I wish you all the best.
Mike emailed this morning to say that Leah and Mich had gone on their travels and that the plane was 4 hours late.
I wish them all the best and a very safe Journey.
Good Luck Guys.
My trip is getting very close now I am getting a bit scared as never been that far from home with out willy, we will have to win lotta so he can shut the shed down for 3 weeks and come with me.
Every thing is done now, we have hired a car will pick it up on the 14 nov we arrive on the 13th , we will stay with my brother in law mike for a few days and then we hope to go over to france for a day or two, will arange that when we get there.
Then we will stay with my sister Linda for a few days and then my brother mikes, then we drop the hired car off on the28th and will catch the train up to london for 4 days, we have booked a hotel there and will go sight seeing, we have booked the air port flyer on the 3rd dec to tale us to the airport and fly out at 9 30.
My baby sister sharon is getting so excited, and my sister Janet, she is going to spain on friday so she will have a lovely tan.

The Clarks said...

Oh so jealous about Denni this is the 3rd year we have not been able to go :(
My Brother is going but we are babysitting for friends who are both in a wedding. Look forward to hearing all about it