Friday, August 31, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

I hope you all managed to get a glimpse of the lunar eclipse this week. It was truly amazing. A blood red moon. J, the girls and I watched it pretty much from start to finish. We love stuff like this.

The evening began quite overcast but thankfully the clouds left us and we could witness the amazing beauty of an eclipse. The colours were awesome. I didn't bother taking any photos. We had gone out for dinner and came home late but watched it along the way. Leah was amazed. Kady was in a little pain thanks to getting a football kicked into her eye that day during sport at school. ( Kady, sported a very bruised eye and it was very swollen. She had limited vision and it kept going blurry for a couple of days) She couldn't even close her eyelid the first night. The next day we found out she had a scratch across her eye. She went back to school Friday. Still yellow and bruised but her sight had returned).Ouch. Still she managed to see some of the eclipse.

I think we found the second half of the Eclipse the most amazing. Leah looked i up in one of our books and it described it as a diamond ring. As the light returned it lit just a small section that slowly got bigger and bigger. It was like a diamond glowing on the bottom edge. Amazing.

I still have memories of seeing a totatl eclipse as a child at the Connolly's house across the road from us in Toowoomba, when we had first moved from England. It must have been somewhere between, 1975 to 1977 (will have to google). Frank had a pin prick/drawn style image on a piece of paper that he held against the side of the house and we watched the shadows on the paper as it moved over. You weren't allowed to look at the sun. My memories may not be correct but that's how I remember it. Mum and Dad you were there what do you remember????????????

These photos have been taken off of the net courtasy of Luke Willey and Eric Lo from


sollie said...

Ooops, didn't know there was a lunar eclipse. Looks beautiful!!

mum said...

I can remember seeing it when we lived in Rome Street.
I had just got home from work and dad I watched it so beautiful, you are right just like a diamond ring.
I think that frank did have a piece of paper that he put on the wall, have a job to remember that far back dad and I looked at it with the naked eye dad did not even know it was on that night.

Paula (poncho) said...

WOW fab photos - I was too busy sleeping off the Fiskateers Party ROFL

Elie Smith, -- Perth WA said...

these photo look great Dawn Elie :-)

Erica Johnstone said...

WOW fabulous photos !!!!!! We wpotted teh eclipse but didn't get a great view becasue it was pretty overcast here!