Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's A Girl

For the last year or more we have had one Koala that lives around our house. Sometimes we can spot it in trees in our garden for weeks on end. Earlier in the week we spotted it in a tree on the fenceline behind the house. It usually is in trees in the front of the house. This Koala has a blue ear tagged so at some stage it's been injured and tagged etc

This morning we were getting ready to go out when J noticed it down on the ground just starting to climb a tree. Kady screamed out that it had a baby on it's back.

We were so surprised. You have to look hard in the pics to see it (just click on the pic to make it larger) as it really blends into the mother (earlier this week it may have been on her back but because of how she was sitting we didn't see it). In one pic the baby is looking our way.

We now know our resident Koala is a girl. How cool.



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