Sunday, August 26, 2007


The amazing relics of a township that have been underwater in Lake Merrimu for close to forty odd years. Due to the drought it was possible to go on a one off tour today run by the Coimadai Land care Group to visit and explore the area where the original town once stood. Will update tomorrow with some history of the area. A great day. Amazing to think this was once a township.

Here are just a few pics of the many taken today. All of this was recently underwater and not seen for close to 40 years when the reservoir was built in 1968 (the houses etc and township would have moved a few years earlier).

I will add more pics tomorrow. We saw the post office footings, the local hotel, the kiln (which is still largely intact), the limestone quarries, fencelines, the tree lined main road through the town (all the trees had been cut before the reservoir was flooded), the bridge over the creek, footing of houses, house footings and a path leading to a house with a circular path with an area where a rose garden once stood, and the comments from an elderly man who once owned and ran land in the middle of the area. As he spoke he gave me goosebumps. His memories of what things looked like and where different things were. I could almost see him picturing the original township in his head.

The girls were happy to see Paula's hubby David and their girls Dayna and Laura there. We spent the day together. After the tour we headed to the picnic grounds for a sausage sizzle put on by the Coimadai Land care Group. A gold coin donation for a drink and all the sausages in bread you could eat. The weather was perfect for end of winter.

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great photos Dawn Elie :)