Monday, July 02, 2007

School Holidays

have begun.

Two weeks of no routine. My idea of bliss. I have to work a bit this week (tonight, all day Wednesday, babysitting friends kids Thursday, and working Friday) but next week I will be relaxing, scrapping and enjoying just being home with the girls (remind me of this next week when they are driving me nuts lol).

This weekend we have Megan's second birthday. Can't believe she is turning two. It has flown by. In a month or less she will have a little brother or sister.


I Scrap therefore I am said...

A week ago I too had the same dream of relaxing and stuff on the holidays. Still waiting!! Hope you get some time to chill out!
Love, P

sollie said...

Yeah, school holidays started over here too. I'm home for 2 months!!!

The Clarks said...

I am enjoying the holidays to Dawn
Hope you can relax enjoy time with the girls and of course scrap !!!