Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4th July 1974

(Posting this a day early as I have to work tomorrow)

Thirty three years ago, Mum and Dad packed all our belongings into tea chests, said goodbye to all our family and friends and we boarded a plane in England and headed to Australia. I think back then the flight was about 37 long hours.

I have a few memories of leaving England. I remember many of the family, my Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents. I remember having to leave behind two very large teddy bears due to the restrictions of what you could take out of the country (my cousin David had these). I remember during the flight, Dad taking me to the back of the plane and looking out of the window asking me if I could see the 'Indians'. I looked into the clouds to see if I could see the Indians' and their tee pees lol. Years later I realised I was meant to be looking down at the ground as we flew over India.

Mum knew one girl in Toowoomba, QLD (I think she went to school with her, Mum you can correct me) and that was all we knew in Australia. We settled in Toowoomba after staying with them for a few weeks.

Mum was twenty five, Dad was twenty seven, I was five and Tony was nearly three. Donna our first Aussie in the family joined us five and a half years later. I am still amazed that they left all they knew and all their family because they wanted us to live in the lucky country down under.

So glad they did. Although I miss being with all my family and it was hard growing up without any family around us, especially at Christmas and birthdays. We are so lucky with today's technology to be able stay in touch via the Internet and email so easily these days.

Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate.


Donna said...

We are lucky that Mum and Dad decided on the big move Dawn. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be who we are today. I remember a lot from when we went back to England. Yeah I know I was small but the little memories are what stick in our minds. If you guys hadn't come to Australia you might not have met Jason and be who you are today.
Makes you have to be an Aussie doesn't it.

valerie said...

Jenny Baker was my friend form school days, we stayed with her and John for 1 week.
We arrived on the sat found a house to buy on the sun and dad and I both found work on the mon.
I was 24 and dad was 26, you were 4 and a half and tony was 2 and a half .
You were so good on the plane it was a 37 hour flight back then.
I think that the hardest thing I ever done was leave my family, more so Janet and Sharon as I was their mum for so long when my own mum died.
My dad told Sharon that we went on holiday she kept waiting for us to come back.
I miss them still even after all these years, I think about them every day.
We thought that moving out here would be a better life for you kids, plus the sunshine and the way of life.
Just waiting now for you to becme an aussie for real.

The Clarks said...

So glad your parents did Dawn :)
I am luck to have you in my life
Cheers to your parents. Ihope you become an Aussie citizen too !!!!!

uncle pete said...

hi dawn you may nearly be an ozzie, but you will always have the british spirit in you

Valerie said...

This is for my sister Sharon, I know she reads your blog Dawn.
Sharon sent me some text messages last night, and she was very upset brought back a few memorys for her.
Dont cry Sharon.
She is upset because I said that I would not be able to make it this year, so I am going to have a word with the ent and see if he will let me go over to the uk.
Cant belive that my dad told her we were on holiday and she waited for our return.
I am going to find out today how much the air fare will be, she wants us all to go over but will cant go as he has no one to run the work shop while he is away.
My friend Debs was going to see if she could get away and come with me.
I remember being at the airport in the uk ready to board the plane to australia and my brother pete said to me when you walk through that door Val there is no going back.
you will be gone for ever.
As I sat on the plane I was bawling told will I wanted to get off, could not leave my brothers and sisters, he said if you want to come back after the 2 years we will.

So where have the years gone, this country has been good to us, would not want to live any where else.
Love the way of life the sunshine the people, just wish we could afford to fly over to the uk every year.

As Dawn said the hardest time is xmas and weddings birthdays and when all my grand children were born.
Cant belive that I have 6 of them they are all so diffrent.
love them to bits even though we dont see them that much.
Kady is like my side of the family with her dark looks then there is Hailey she is like her dad to look at, then there is Courtny she is like her mums side , and then little red haired leah,she is like her dads side so cute, and last of all is Dylan little devil looks like his mum but has his dads ways .
Thank god for them all. love them all so much

Lynn said...

Wonderful post Dawn. It was lovely reading it and very close to our circumstances.

Hope you become an Aussie Citizen :) When mum and dad became citizens shortly after we came to Australia, we automatically became citizens too.

Love Lynn