Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Introducing Gwen

The newest addition to our family. mmm I know what you are all thinking but really she is very sweet. Gwen is Kady's 13th birthday present. We went and picked her up today. She is so cuddly and is growing on us all very quickly. Didn't think I would ever like a rat. She is still very small for a rat. We have a harness for Gwen so that when she is a bit bigger Kady can take her for walks. We have already started toilet training her because rats learn very quickly to go in a litter tray in their cage. This week Kady is hoping to teach her to come when she calls her name. I am thinking all of these things will take a while. Rats are quite intelligent and learn things very quickly. They are also very clean. Gwen spends hours cleaning herself.

Now Mum don't say you could never allow a rat in the house lol because you let me have mice when I was a kid. Remember Whiskey and Shandy and how quickly they turned into Rum, Coke, Bacardi and every other spirit quite quickly.

She looks huge in this picture but it's because she is stretched out as far as she can reach so that she can sniff something.


Sarah said...

You are much much braver than me. I cant cope with them at all..LOL

But she is quite a cute lil thing...


mum said...

How come you are not holding it, I can smell it from here.
Could not stand that, in the house.
My brother mike had mice when he was a kid, and they got out into mums airing cupboard, we had them every where. lol.

Mim said...

OK you are brave girls, we hope that she give,s you lots of fun..Umm Yeah Auntie says she has sent your present and Uncle Tony Says you aren't that Courtny thinks its yuk.. but You are a focused girl and we know it will be looked after

judee d said...

Welcome to the new addition. No offence, but I can't stand having little things like that around my house. I would be one of those people standing on a chair by now. As long as I know where they are,(safely in a cage) they are ok.
Keep smiling and healthy

sollie said...

What a cute rat! I love rats too but my parents didn't allow me to have one when I was younger. Now that I live together with my boyfriend, we have 2 cats so the rat wouldn't be safe. Have a great weekend.