Monday, November 06, 2006

Guess What

Leah got in the mail today.

1. Her first letter from her penpal Kennedy in USA. One very excited girl. She couldn't wait to sit down and open the letter and read it. She loved the photos of Kennedy and all her friends and loved the stickers on the envelope.

2. Leah also received a lovely birthday present from Auntie Cassi in New Zealand. She can't wait to read the book (she doesn't have that one) and loves the lip glosses.

Here's some photos of Leah reading Kennedy's letter.

Off topic, the ultrasound went well and the guy said all seems to be ok. I had a little meltdown this morning. The local GP changed my dressing and hurt me so much. He moved the picc line by accident and pulled it out slightly. He didn't mean it and felt so bad. I cried all the way home. and then some more when I got home.

A bit overtired and emotional. Feeling better this arvy.

My printer (epson 1290) is off at the printer doctors getting fixed. No photo printing etc for me for the rest of the week. Just when I feel like scrapping. Might have to do some childhood photos.


Sandra said...

Hi Dawn, you poor buggar you are having a rough trot, those bloody pic lines, my mum had one of them when she was having her treatment no fun thats for sure.

You are doing a great job and a lot braver than I would be I tell you, I am a coward. Not long to go Dawn not that it helps much but you keep hanging in there.

Catch up with you soon

Lyn Dwyer said... exciting for Leah! Perhaps this will be the start of a very long friendship and a positive thing for her to have in her life.
I bet she can't wait to reply.
Bummer about the printer...I just had a heap of our holiday pics done at HARVEY NORMAN for 15 cents.....I now put my pics on CD and then when HN have their special I stalk my nearset HN. I think I got 134 prints done.
I've started to use them up in my holiday album and on some mini projects. I've put the Wildflowers in a flip album that I can keep on my bench.

auntie rose said...

hi glad the ultrasound went ok ,i bet u felt like kicking the gp wear it hurt him most , keep your strength up and keep writing love reading your blog ,leah looks excited in her picture love to u all xxxxxxxx

Paula said...

I can imagine how excited Leah would have been :) I'm so sorry you had a bummer of a day, but I'm glad all went well with the ultrasound.