Wednesday, November 08, 2006


to Linda and Selo. My gorgeous cousin Linda and her hubby Selo are expecting a bouncing baby boy in January. I can't wait to see some pics after he is born.


will and Val said...

I hope that he comes on the 2nd of Jan, the same day as Donna,s birthday.
All the best Linda and Selo.
From all of us Downunder.

mick said...

all these relations...all the best linda and selo whoever you are xx

will and Val said...

Linda is wills brothers daughter, and Beryl is his wife.
They have Linda and David, sadly peter passed away a few years ago.
Selo comes from italy or some where like that any way he comes from abroad.

mum said...

Look at Lindas beutiful red hair, that must be where Leah got it from.
My auntie Eileen had red hair when she was young, not so much red, but mohgonny it was so nice.

Anonymous said...

Selo is from Turkey, Mick. Linda is Uncle Michaels (Dad's brothers) only daughter (yes and i know you lose track of your side and thought they could of been from the large Isted side lol) and they are expecting their first baby. Dawn

mum said...

I knew that he was from over that way somewhere.
I know that mike and beryl have beeb over to vist his family, sounds as if they are very nice people.