Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Surprise Phonecall

Last night my lovely Nanny in England surprised me with a phone call. It's the second time she has rang me in the last few months and it makes me feel so good. Nanny has worked out how to ring Australia and is quite chuffed about it. Miss my Nan so much and love her heaps. She is such a gorgeous lady. Nanny has recently been on a weekend trip to Belgium and The Isle Of Wight. She recently had another blood transfusion (6 pints and we only have about 8 in our body) and she is feeling on top of the world and so young.

Uncle Michael, please send some more pics soon. Love getting your photos taken at your local parks and gardens (Uncle Michael is quite a photographer) and would love some pictures of Nanny and Linda. Not long to go now before you are a Granddad.


auntie rose said...

lovely picture of your nan xxx

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hi goodness girl you are going through such a hard time.....I really admire you and I get strength from reading your journal....I've just caught up on your blog after being away for a couple of weeks.....take won't be long and you'll be sitting amongst the gorgeous lotus and waterlily here in Yarra Junction, soaking up the beauty and fragrance of the watergarden.