Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still Hanging In There And Other News

Today we spent more than half the day at the hospital. Have i mentioned before how much I hate spending hours upon hours at the hospital. Sitting and waiting. Such a waste of time that drags on, but then I have to give them credit as they are saving my butt.

More routine stuff today before I have chemo next Tuesday.

First stop was physiotherapy. The doctor is really happy with my arm movement and the use of it. I still have a little bit of cording due to nerve damage from the lymph nodes being removed, but not enough to worry about. A few daily exercises will help with that. I am still quite numb in parts of my arm and in my armpit. There is nothing they can do about this. Only time will tell if the damage is permanent. It has lessened considerably since my operation so hopefully I will eventually get most of my feeling back. Feels quite strange not being able to feel your armpit.

Next stop was Oncology. I had blood tests done on Monday so today we went to see the doctor and get the results and check how chemo has treated me first time around (one down five to go lol). Not the results I was hoping for considering other than a mild cold and sore throat I am feeling really good. My white blood cells should be between 2 and 8 and they are currently at 0.3. If they don't go up to at least 1.5 my chemo will be delayed next week. The doctor was quite concerned and was a little worried about allowing me to go home. Other than feeling very tired (which is how I have felt for ages), I feel really healthy and had no idea my white blood cells were so low.

I will be laying low over the next week avoiding anyone with flu's or colds etc. The doctor wants me to be really careful as a common cold could land me in hospital in a pretty bad way.

The four of us had a lovely lunch today at a pub in Ballarat. Very cheap and great food. We let the girls have today off as Jason went for a job interview this afternoon and along with my hospital appointments it was too hard to get someone to have the girls after school.

Update on the head of hair............................. It is still hanging in there, just anyway lol. It is falling out slowly but you can't really tell. It still looks like a full head of very clipped hair ( I had a lady the other comment that she loved my haircut). I think I have shocked half the neighbourhood as I have only worn hats in the mornings when its cold, but in the afternoon and during the day I don't wear any head covering. Even considering not wearing anything when I am bald. (as you said Ngai, BALD is beautiful and I really don't care what people think, as long as I am not cold)

If I pull on my hair I get huge amounts falling out, but if I don't touch it its happy to keep hanging on. I am really feeling the cold around my neck and ears.

Shazz, you can email me through my scrap resume on the side ( you can leave me a message through them). Blogger doesn't give me any email addy's to contact you on.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my lack of hair. Still feels so good. Not sure if I will ever grow it long again. Maybe a short style will be in order. So easy to care for and dry. Great for our cold weather down here in Victoria.

Signing off for now. GI Dawn hehe


mum said...

Well it looks as if I will have to bring my polish, when I come down.
When most babies are born, they have no hair, and they are still so sweet and cuddly.
So that is what you are to me, I loved you bald, when you were born and will always love you, now and forever
Your dad is bald, and I still love him.
Love you. xx

Vicki Cook said...

Hi Dawn

You are such a strong person - you are my inspiration.

There is light at the other end of the tunnel.

Thinking of you and your family - love Vicki, Shane, Will and Elise Cook

(Cassi sent me your blogger.)

PS. Love your scrapbooking work - from one scrapbooking fanatic to another!