Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hair, Well What Hair

I thought I would share a few funny things my Mum has said over the last few days.

Thursday we are in a shop, well you know, shopping, after visiting the oncology rooms and radiotherapist.

Mum is looking at hair products and perfume, lip glosses etc I am browsing and don't get me wrong I love perfume and lip gloss etc but I am so not a girly girl that spends up on shampoo, lipstick and makeup. Most of my perfume are gifts. I love perfume but never get around to buying my own.

Anyway Mum turns to me and asks me what shampoos I like to use lately. mmmm well I am thinking NONE, no hair means I really don't care what shampoo is put in my stubble lol. Now don't get me wrong. One benifit of no hair is the lack of time spent in a shower. No shaving, no bikini line, no leg hair and no conditioner in the hair. I still have some hair but it has decreased a lot. I still shampoo what i have left which is still quite a lot albeit GI Jane length. I am sure if I had hair it would look patchy but I am quite amazed at the amount of hair still on my head. I have a covering of stubble (that is still growing although slowly) and although it has thinned out it is still there but doesn't seem to be growing rapidly. After Jason shaved my hair I really haven't lost much at all. It has really slowed down.

Anyway moving on,

we arrive home. Mum showers, I shower, we all shower lol. mmm maybe not all that quickly as our hot water service is dying and it needs to be put on boost constantly so that it reheats as one of the elements has died as we constantly run low on hot water. Is'nt it funny when funds are low that things break down.

Mum asks me with such a serious face what hair wax I prefer to use. She has tried many and is not happy with the outcome. I burst out laughing saying IF I had hair and used hair wax then it might mean something to me. lol NO hair no hair treatments, applications, cuts, trims and no WAX. I must add a mighty quick shower.

There is some good that comes with being, bald,

well I can't even say bald as I do have a good amount of stubble. Lets just leave it at


Feeling good but tired.


the clarks said...

lol Glad to hear you are keeping your sense of hunour Dawn
And think of all the $$ you are saving on all those hair products

Beverly said...

I can relate, and especially enjoy the shorter shower time, haha! My only complaint is that I did have to shave my legs...go figure!

PS: Thanks for your last comment on my blog!

auntie rose said...

hi glad u are feeling better but just make sure u rest and dont run around after everyone ,xxxx

Lynn said...

Just wanted to send you a hug my friend. Your mum is a card LOL I bet she really keeps you on your toes with the funny things she says.


mum said...

well I am home, spent a week with Dawn, and the Girls and Jason.
It was so nice to see my girl and my grandaughters the girls have grown up so fast.
I felt so sad when we had to go home, would have liked to have spent longer, more so as Dawn could not have have chemo last week as her veins are so bad in her arms.
yes it is funny the things you say to each other, but Dawn takes it in fun, me and my big mouth.
Dawn and Jason and th egirls were so happy to see Dylan, he was only 8 month sold when they saw him last, he keeps you on your toes.
It was a long trip home, very hot as well.
Dylan was good we stopped now and then to let him run.
We stayed overnight at peak hills, next time I will for sure fly home today I feel like I am still in the car, with a funny head.
I have spent a good 2 hours catching up with the washing .
Jason is so good to Dawn, cooks and cleans for her, wish I had a man like that.
Thanks Jason you are a good man, looking after our Dawn, I love you could not wish for a bettet son inlaw.

she looks well, but very tired,