Sunday, October 02, 2011

Deni Ute Muster - Day Two & Three

Although a really wet weekend we still all had a great time. The music lineup was good but it would have been nice to have a little more country. Friday night the lineup included Suzie Quatro, Sunny Cowgirls, Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole, McAlister/Kemp, Tori Darke and Saturday's lineup included Mental as Anything, Icehouse, Eskimo Joe, Guy Sebastian, Adam Brand, Troy Cassar-Daly and Luke Dickens.

All the kids had a ball on this water ride. They had so much fun. Dylan once again enjoyed the duck show.

The Bundy Distillery was really interesting. We taught Dylan how to dial a phone.

The ground dried up a little on Friday before the rain begain again.Thank goodness we all had good waterproof boots. Thankful for our Ariats and Blundstones. Our toes were nice and toasty and dry all weekend.

The kids had a great time in the carnival area. Dodgems, dart balloons, the hurricane (poor Leah was a bit sick after that ride) and Twister. Dylan loved the rides. I thought he would be a little scared but he wanted to go again.

The rain on on Friday night made the bog even boggier.

Mental as Anything, half time during the AFL finals.

Fireworks just before Icehouse came on stage. We enjoyed the music lineup although we weren't too keen on Eskimo Joe or Guy Sebastian. Icehouse were amazing. There laser light show was fantastic. I will share some video's later. It was great catching up with family and friends. Shannan, thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Your guy is cute and he is so lucky to have a girl like you.

The slow trip into Moama. Same as last year although not quite as long. Took 45 odd minutes to travel 4 km's.

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Paula... said...

Looks like you all had a great time despite the mud - the weather was atrocious wasn't it!