Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Stressful Day

After a few weeks and a couple of doctors visits I went back to the doctors yesterday about ongoing pain in my left calf and both legs. I have been in agony on and off and the doctor decided yesterday to send me for an emergency ultrasound to rule out deep vein thrombosis. Talk about stressed.

Originally they had tried to get me into the local public hospital but it was going to be over a weeks wait. Remember this was an emergency ultrasound, with an eight day wait. We managed to get into a private clinic and I had to be there within the hour. 1.5 hours later I am pretty sure I have no clots. The sonographer wasn't the most chatty person. I asked if there were clots and she said no. At one stage she left the room and I felt a little uneasy. Hoping the results are ok.

I have to have two more days of scans this week and next. These ones take about 1.5 hours on each leg and involve fasting. Will be happy to get to the bottom of all the pain though. Yesterday cost me $500 with about 50% that can hopefully be claimed back on medicare. They next two scans will cost a little more.

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