Friday, April 08, 2011

Holidaying With The Family- Part Three

Day four and we decided to take it a little easy and catch up on washing, housework, pack for our weekend away and just show the Aunties around our local area so that next time we talked about a certain swimming hole, hotel, bushwalk etc they could picture where we meant.

I picked Mum, Jan and Linda up from Mary's and we went for lunch at Kady's work. I had a Thai Beef Salad that was lovely. Mum had Barramundi and Chips and I can't recall what Auntie Linda had. I'm thinking Lamb Shanks but might be wrong. After lunch we headed to Blackwood.

Blackwood Cemetary. Mum and the Auntie's loved looking around the historic cemetary as much as we do.

Blackwood Mineral Springs.The river is much lower than a few weeks back when it flooded.

Historic Miners Cottage

The waterhole. Great place for a swim in summer.

Visiting where we cool on in summer with Bella and Pepper.

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