Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet Sunday

J headed off to his brothers holiday house last night after I finished work. They fished in the bay today surrounded by seals and dolphins. They caught a heap of calamari. I can't wait to eat it during the week. yummy.................

Kady worked today so after I drove her to work Leah and I went down the road to the Garden of St Erth........I love visiting here. Being members we can drop in whenever we like. Some of the daffodils had just started flowering but in a few weeks time they will all be in full bloom.

It's been a long cold winter here but today you could see that mother nature is starting to wake up in preparation for spring. Buds on trees and bushes, were abundant. We wandered around the garden and came home with a Mulberry Tree and some Coneflowers.

On the way home we stopped at the Tearooms for an iced chocolate and a bowl of chips. We had a lovely day together.

Here are some pics of the Garden of St Erth.

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