Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Mini Break

After New Years Kathie and Adam invited us down for a few days to stay at St Leonard's at their holiday house. J left on Wednesday and the girls, Dylan and I went on Thursday afternoon. Dylan had only returned from Europe and England after being away 6.5 weeks, on Wednesday night so we waited a day for him to come home so he could come down with us.

Jason and Adam spent the days fishing whilst the kids and I walked miles along the beach, paddled and swam. It's such a beautiful spot.

The day we were returning home we decided to go to Point Lonsdale to boogie board and snorkle. We snorkled in the huge rock pools. Some of these pools were about 4 metres deep in places with heaps of fish and plant life and little underwater caves and caverns. Kady spotted a large starfish the size of a dinner plate. Sadly there were no large waves even though we drove along looking at different beaches.

We drove to Ocean Grove and bought chips for lunch. We drove up to the heads at Barwon Heads and enjoyed lunch. Dylan bought a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for us to enjoy. We had planned on swimming again after lunch but the weather had changed and it was getting quite cool and very windy. The tide was so low that you could see the top of the submarine wreck off the shore. A lovely few days away. So nice to spend some time with Adam and Kathie in their beautiful holiday home.

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