Friday, August 07, 2009

The last month or so has flown by in the Stan household. We have been super busy as well as a few sickies here.

School holidays just flew by. Kady spent most of the holiday quite sick with Glandular Fever. She had close to two weeks off at the beginning of the term and still gets very tired. On the last Thursday of the holiday's we went ten pin bowling with Dylan and Debbie. We had a great night. Debbie and I thrashed the kids hee hee

12th July we had a Karate mid year function. We had a great night. Lots of games and yummy food.

During July we had our first karate non contact tournament. Jason and I won our first fights and Leah lost her first. Kady was recovering from glandular fever so didn't fight.

My first fight was a draw so we had to fight for another 2 minutes so the judges could determine a winner. I lost my third fight to a green belt.

J also had two fights. Leah fought a girl much taller than herself and it really threw her to be up against someone so much bigger. It was a great day.

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