Thursday, July 16, 2009

Linda's Wedding & Dawn's Christening

A few photos of Linda's Wedding (1972-1973). What was the date Auntie Linda?

I found one of you cutting the cake on my photo disk.

Linda, Tony, Dawn, Tony, Sharon and Timmy (correct me if I am wrong).
Linda and Tony cutting the cake (Janet and Timmy in the background, not sure who else).

Tony and Linda and Tony's parents?

Dawn's Christening. The grandparents (minus Grandad). Nanny and Grandad Tester (William and Agnus nee Shaw), Nanny Isted (Joan nee Kench) and Great Grandparents (Joe and Maud Kench(nee Mason) I think this is the only photo I have of three generations from this time.

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linda said...

it was the 7 october 1973,we have been married 36 years this year