Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mid November

Where has the month gone? I can't believe we are already in mid November. Not long to go till Christmas. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping.

Ok point form to wrap up our last few weeks

-Leah had swimming lessons with the school for two weeks. She really needed a refresher. Her swimming had gone down hill due to lack of practice and after five years of swimming lessons, not a good thing.

-Kady has a boyfriend. His name is Dylan. He's a great guy.

-We have all been doing Karate now since the beginning of July. We are totally addicted and have been training three nights a week since we returned from holiday. Our level of fitness has increased considerably. I have dropped 5 notches on my belt, woo hoo. Have lost a heap of weight and plan on losing a lot more. Next week we have our first grading for our red belt. It's a three hour intense workout. I can't wait.

-We had our first Karate demonstration a few weeks ago at the Greendale Market. Lots of fun. Kady had a panic attack so sat it out. We didn't want to push her. Last Sunday we had our second demonstration at Gordon Festival. Kady took part and did really well. No sign of a panic attack. She has come a long way and has conquered the fear of getting up in front of people. We are so proud of her.

-Kady chose her subjects for school next year a while back. She is doing all maths (algebra etc) and science. She is still focusing on working in Forensics. Many of her friends have chosen easy subjects but she is determined to stay on track and only do the subjects that will get her into a science field.

-Kady had an orientation day this week at the senior campus. Next year they are merging the junior and senior campus's together. We can't wait. We are hoping the school improves. Kady was impressed just visiting.

-Tuesday night I did a demonstration for Fiskars at the Spotlight VIP night. A great night. We were very busy all night.

-Leah dressed up in her finery for Myrniong Cup in the Friday before Melbourne Cup. No pics :(

-Cup weekend we began painting the veranda on the house. A big job. It has needed doing for a while. We finally decided on using the same colour as the colourbond guttering. Jason had a week off work (boss insisted as he has too many holidays built up) so we spent time pottering around the house and garden catching up on jobs.

-Cup weekend Kady went to Colac show with Dylan and his Mum. Dylan's Mum has just returned from Korea showjumping with the Australian team. Kady had a great time watching them both compete and got to show their dog in a comp and won second for most lovable pet.

-Baby duck is sitting on eggs. We really didn't want ducklings this year but she was sitting before we realised. Less than two weeks and we may have little black ducklings running around the back yard. Reggie goose is being the protective Dad.

-Last weekend we spent Saturday digging and preparing the veggie patch. I have planted in the garden and greenhouse, zucchini, cucumber, peas, lettuce, snow peas, chilli's, pumpkin, carrots. In the greenhouse we already have dill, coriander, and parsley. I just need some tomato plants. I have been busy adding pea straw to the veggie garden and around all the fruit trees.

-Kady has been volunteering at the wildlife shelter for the last three weeks. She is loving it. I have been going to help out a few times when I can. There are two cute baby wombats there at the moment and lots of baby roos.

-Fire restrictions begin tomorrow. We have already had two fires in our street over the past two weeks. People burning and clearing without adequate water near them. Idiots.

- Last weekend we had a fatal car accident down the road from our house. Very sad. The roads were closed for over four hours.

-My good friend Erica had a baby girl last month. I have been slack and haven't had a chance to catch up with her yet.

-Our Girls Night In on the Fiskars blog was a great success. We raised around $1700. woo hoo

-The weather has started warming up here. We have had some lovely warm days and also had a great thunderstorm the other night. Not a lot of rain but the thunder was the loudest we have heard in a long time.

-I am so happy that J's cousin Graham and Michelle are expecting their third child.

-Over the last few months I have two new little cousins, Lucus and Skye and another little girl due next month.

-My sister in law Kathie is home from Argentina. She had a great time filming Wipeout. Well done Kath. We are so proud of you.

-J's sister Cassi and her partner Ash are coming over from New Zealand for Christmas. It will be great to catch up with them both.

-Wendy and Daryl moved into there new home.

-lots of Christmas parties are already being slotted into the calendar. December becomes so busy so fast.

-Loved that Obama won the election. Loved watching his speech on you tube. Awesome.

I think thats it for now. Been a busy few weeks. Off today to celebrate big Djudak's 83rd birthday.


Unknown said...

WOW...busy busy !

Paula... said...

OMGoodness that was exhausting just reading it all LOL

Anonymous said...

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