Saturday, October 11, 2008

Midnight Oil

One of our fav bands from way back. On the way from Hawker to Burra we passed the house featured on the cover of the Midnight Oil album, Diesel & Dust. Pre kids J and I and some friends went to a concert at the Palai (sp) Theatre in St Kilda. We turned up without tickets and managed to get all four of us in. Only prob was that there were two seats together and two single seats. Michelle and I didn't want to sit alone so we took the double ticket. 5th row dead centre. How cool. J and Scott who were huge fans got second floor and either side of the wing. We felt Peter Garretts sweat that night lol. Sadly the boys didn't. lol Considering the album was made 20 odd years ago the cottage is still in good condition.


sollie said...

I guess you are having spring now while we have autumn. Enjoy the nice weather :-)
xxx, Isolde

Liz said...

I thought I'd seen a pic of this house before..

Dawn that Mad Max thing is on again today from 10am - 4pm @ Little River.
Mark and I are heading back this morning on the bike..the Toe Cutter gang are going to be there.

Paula... said...

David and I were at that concert too - we were front row on the balcony. It was the best concert :)

Now how come you manage to get a beautiful bright day - every single we've photographed this old house it's been overcast or raining grrrr!!!!