Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 6. Dust Storm

Driving to Cameron Corner we passed through a few dust storms.The last one was a beauty. The dust was so thick and the wind gusts so strong that we decided to pull over onto the side of the road before it hit us. We watched it roll over the crest of the sand dune in front of us. Not long after the dust passed the rain started. We began driving again and still had 20 kms to go. We can understand why they close the roads down so quickly as it gets slippery and the roads deteriorate so quickly in the wet. We crawled into the Corner looking forward to a cold beer and somewhere to get out of the wind and rain.

The first picture is a small dust storm we went through.

He comes the big one. You could see it rolling in for ages.
Here it comes.
Just before it hit. Look how the sky has turned so red.


Paula... said...

What a storm - seeing it rolling in like that reminds me of the big one that here in town when I was in High School all those years ago.

We had dust in every nook and crannie for months and months afterwards.

Tamara said...

yep, that is most definitely an outback dust storm. They really are spectacular aren't they? You captured it perfectly in your photographs.