Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We awoke during our 5th night to the sound of rain and strong wind. We had a restless night wondering if the camper was going to hold up to the wind. Poor Leah was lifted up from her bed as the wind got under the camper. As daylight broke I peeked out of the window to view a bright orange sky. A dust storm. The first of a few on this day. The rain had only lasted a few minutes and hadn't even damped the red sand.

We contemplated packing up at this stage but decided to go into town and see what weather was predicted. Arriving back in town we discovered the power was out from Tibooburra all the way down to Broken Hill. The road to Broken Hill was closed due to the heavy rain and dust storm. People were arriving in town and booking out all the accomodation in case the storm continued. We decided to go back to camp and pack up. We had planned on staying another night here but we had no shelter from the 120km wind gusts.

Prior to leaving we stopped by the Tibooburra School Of Air. We arrived at 8.30am and a teacher took us to the studio where all the equipment was kept. The school kids were on a visit in town for the week so the school of air wasn't operating (no power even if the kids were on their stations). The kids come into school a few times a year and have a week of sport, swimming and lots of fun activities. The teacher was very informative and it was really interesting to see the smart board and the camera's etc.

Check out the patch of green at the side of the school. The school received a grant earlier in the year to plant grass on their school oval. It is watered using recycled grey water from the school. A lovely sight in the desert.

Road condition sign. A common sight on our travels.

Main street of Tibooburra. We had a nice lunch at the Corner Country Store the day before. Lovely locals.

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Paula... said...

We need to travel through here again soon - it's been years. We spent some quality time in Tibooburra welding up Allan's Jackeroo ROFL.