Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Holiday

We recently went away on a family holiday to Outback Australia. We had an amazing time and saw some awesome scenery and met some wonderful people on our travels. Read on if you like. Much of it is to remind me for later down the track when I scrap the photos.

Day 1

We left home at 9am (not an early start as J had worked till late the day before and then had come home to help me pack the camper) and it was a mild (ok freezing) 2 degrees and planned on making it to Mildura on the border of Victoria and NSW. Bring on the warmth.

A days driving through the Victorian countryside along the Sunraysia Highway (we have travelled a number of times). We arrived in Mildura late afternoon and stopped by the Information Centre. First night we camped at Wentworth at the Willow Bend Caravan Park. Great park and clean facilities ($20 a night). A beautiful spot on the bank of the Darling River with beautiful houseboat meandering by.

Kady discovered this nest opposite our camp on the bank of the river. How cute.
Gorgeous weeping willows line the bank.
The man of the house in the kitchen, hee hee.

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