Saturday, September 13, 2008

Around The House

The last few days have felt like spring. I am so ready for spring. I am sick of the dull days. We have had a cold and very damp winter. We are all sick of being sick in this house. After so long of no one really being sick we have all had our share this season. Four weeks since I first woke up with the horror flu I STILL have a sore throat. J is just recovering from gastro. NICE. Kady is still feeling yuck. Leah had a head cold and we discovered a hole in her tooth. A mad dash to the dentist and some $200 poorer to get a hole filled in a baby tooth in case she has problems when we are away next month. J had a fall at work yesterday. Nearly four metres off a ladder. He is quite bruised but nothing broken thankfully.

Our fruit trees are starting to bloom. The daffodils and Jonquils are in flower. The weather is finally warming up.

Some little *&%$ of a neighbours kid trashed our fish pond on Father's Day. They pulled out all the water lillies. They were just starting to really grow and look lovely. I had to spend an afternoon fishing in the pond to retrieve them and replant them. JOY......

We are currently planning our holiday to the outback late next month. A visit to Menidee Lakes, Broken Hill, Silverton (where movies such as Mad Max, etc were filmed), White Cliffs (underground opal mining town), Tibooburra, Cameron's Corner (where NSW, SA and QLD join) Innamincka (resting place and memorials of our explorers Burke and Wills), Lake Eyre, Flinders Ranges and Burra and then making our way back home. I can't wait. We are lucky that J's mate from work Red needs a place to stay for a few weeks so he will be looking after all the animals etc. A weight off our minds. We wil have to learn how to post pics to the blog from our mobiles whilst on the road.

The photos below have been taken over the last few weeks. The roos are our two resident males. They are always together. The older male on the right seems to look out for the younger male. We believe they have been banished from the mob. We see these guys every few days around our house. Check out the pics where the roos have heard someone in the neighbouring block. They both look up. The older male then sniffs the air (enlarge the pic). We can walk around the house and block as long as we don't disturb them too much. If you get too close they hop off. The older male is quite a bit larger than the younger.

Daffy the Indian Runner Duck shocked me this past week. She managed to get up onto the outdoor table. I have no idea how. Daf isn't too adventurous. I heard a heap of noise outside and looked out to this view. LOL. All the other ducks were quacking as if to say get down. She flew down and then they all had a big conversation about it LOL.

Daf is close to five years old. I suppose old for her breed. Her and her mate Donald we have had since we first built the chook pen. Reggie Bird our goose is still the Dad of the ducks. He is also close to five years old. I have read he can live to 15 years. Reg is a bit of a character. He really believes he is a duck.

Our latest addition to our backyard is the annual babies of the wild wood ducks. How cute are these guys? Kady spotted them on Monday and they come back every day. A little earlier this year as we normally see them end of September. This year they have eight babies. Last year there were ten. Mum and Dad both take care of them.

Click on the collage to view larger.

Today we saw our first snake. A brown. It was only 50 metres from the house. As we came around the corner we ran over it. It was sunning on the bitumen. Leah was keen to get out of the car and look at it, Kady joined us be held back lol. We told the girls how you can still get bitten even if they are dead or have been run over. It was just over a metre long. I was planning on doing some gardening and removing some dense creeping daisies this week but not sure if I am as keen now. The snakes are out early.

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Paula... said...

We certainly have had some totally gorgeous Spring weather the past week :) I must admit I'm ready for the warmer weather too :)

Bugger about the little *^%$ that trashed your pond grrrr!