Friday, July 11, 2008

Around The World @ Fiskars ANZ

It's our birthday over at Fiskars ANZ so we are celebrating with lots of games and giveaways over the coming month.

Ok, so we've got a little game for you with prizes (yes, that's a plural!). We wanna see how far around the world we can go....We know we've got heaps of readers from Aussie and NZ. Hi ladies! We knowwe've got a few from the USA Good day to you! And even some from EuropeG'day!

But what we'd like to do is just see for real how many different countrieswe can get along here.

So here's the deal. Email all your friends and/or put a post on your blog.

Giving people this post link and say 'go leave a comment with your name and country plus my name andcountry'.

Then what we're gonna do is then give out random prizes to both you and yourfriend for just doing that. Leaving us a comment.

We might give out a prize for being the furtherest away from us down under?We might giveaway a prize for being the most 'exotic' location. We mightgive out a prize for being the person who refers the most people????????

Who knows what we're looking for and what will earn you a wee prize?

And to give you an idea of what you might win....we've got papers, andstickers, and tools, and vellum flowers and and and....the list goes on.

Cause as you know, we're leading up to our birthday we just couldn't wait to start giving, asap. LOL! So get emailing, put up a post on your blog. See what you can do.

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