Sunday, June 15, 2008


We spent the day in Daylesford and surrounding areas today. We went to the market and of course couldn't resist stopping by Sweet Decadence. The most divine chocolates. Our favs are the chilli and the lavender.

I am on the lookout for a printers drawer after seeing Ali Edwards post about adding photos etc to it. We did the rounds of all the antique stores and the antique mill (which is like over an acre of every known antique you could imagine.Makes you wonder why you threw out that paper coca cola cup that's worth ten bucks now) with no luck. Kady fell in love with the vintage clothing so I can see a new dress phase starting. Maybe colour will re-enter her wardrobe lol.

I love the old buildings in Daylesford. Check out the picture of the jewellry store door handles and the gypsy tarot readers van at the market. She even had a fire roaring inside.

A great day. Great weather for this time of year. Blue skies but still a little fresh.


Petrina McDonald said...

All that antique shopping sounds like fun!
But what I most want to say is...


Those photos with your new lens are just magnificent! Really Really Really fantastic! What sort of lens is it?
It helps that the kids are gorgeous too ;-)

Shazz said...

hey dawn....haven't stopped by in a while.
hope all is well with you. i can see that the kids have REALLY grown - gorgeous pics by the way.
have a great thursday xo