Sunday, April 27, 2008

Three More Sleeps

till I fly to Brisbane for the Stitches & Craft Show.

Fiskars will be doing make and takes on the Living Creatively stand. Lyn Dwyer and I will be filming three demonstations on stage daily. We are looking forward to it.

Mum, Dad, Donna and Dylan are staying in Brisbane on Saturday night so I will catch up with them for dinner. I think Tony, Mim and kids are coming down too.

Life has been hectic once again in the Stan household. This week Leah went away on school camp into the city. They spent three nights/four days away. She has a great time.

Lee turned thirty last Saturday. Mich surprised him by booking a hotel in the city for the night and taking him to a footy game. Mich and Lee are heading to New Zealand next week. I will be away when they leave.They are really excited about touring in their Wicked Van for ten weeks. It will be strange when they aren't living here anymore.

Last Sunday Jason and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We went out for dinner at a local pub with the kids on Saturday night. We had a really lovely meal.

Friday just gone was Anzac day. It's a public holiday here in Australia. A time to commemorate our diggers.

Yesterday we went out for lunch at a pub in Gisborne with Adam, Kathie, Mich, Lee, Mary, Eddie, Wendy, Daryl, Megan and Zac for Kady and Wendy's birthday. After lunch we spent a lovely afternoon at Adam and Kathies. Kady received some lovely presents including an Emily the Strange jumper and hairclips from Adam and Kathie, an AC DC boxed dvd set and $20 from Wendy and Darly and $100 from Mary and Eddie. She was totally spoilt. I can't believe Kady is 14 on Wednesday. I say it every year but where have the years gone.

Saturday morning we woke up and all had showers. Over the past month the water was steadily dropping in our water tank due to the lack of rain. I was the last in the shower and the shower head started spluttering. A sure sign that there is no water left in the tank. Jason checked and sure enough it was about as low as it can get.

We rang around the water cartage companies and couldn't get hold of anyone. Locals have been waiting 1 to 2 weeks for a water delivery.

We headed off to meet everyone for lunch. On the way we saw the water tanker on the side of the road so pulled over to chat to the guy. Luckily for us he said he would deliver first thing Monday morning. We stopped off at the shop to stock up on some drinking water. We turned off the hot water system so that it didn't burn out if it ran dry.

We haven't bought water for a few years. It's $130 for 3000 gallons. That will last us maybe another few weeks. We haven't extra people staying and no rain the water doesn't last long. The tanker arrived at 7 o'clock this morning. After two days of no water, no toilet flushing (except for number 2's lol) and no showers, I am looking forward to my shower and getting some washing done.

It is lovely and cool here today. We are hoping to get a little rain today. They have predicted snow down to 900 metres. Jason and Lee have an RDO today so this afternoon whilst the kids are at school we are taking Mich and Lee out in the forest to do some four wheel driving and to show them some of the beautiful scenery and the mines.


Cindy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary ! Have a great time in Brissy :)

Anonymous said...

Look at Leah, so grown up.
The girls have grown up so fast.
I am starting to count down my holiday now only 13 weeks to go.
Cant wait to see my family again I do miss them so much, may have to buy a house over there and spend 6 months in each place.

sollie said...

Lovely pics! Your daughter looks very beautiful.
Love, Isolde

Trish said...

hope you enjoyed the craft show !!
Happy birthday to Kady !!
Hope Leah enjoyed camp
And NO water !!!!!!! for 2 days that would freak me out!!!! lol