Sunday, March 09, 2008

Friday Night Concert

What a night. They rocked the woolshed.

We had a great spot not too far from the stage. I didn't get the best photos. I really need to spend time and learn how to use my camera in low light, high movement situations.

Jon Steven's. OMG What a gorgeous man. mmmmmmmmmmm He gets better as he gets older. Awesome voice and not bad to look at either lol. He was drinking a bit by the end of his stint on stage and seemed a bit tipsy. Funny guy though. He had everyone in stitches.

Jon got some of the kids on stage to sing with him. He did heaps of old Noiseworks songs. Loved them. Kady was convinced he was doing a cover of Hot Chilli Woman until we told her it was HIS song to start with lol.

Adam Brand was amazing. The best we have ever seen him. The entire woolshed was rocking. It was a very rock style concert and very loud. Kid loved it and so did we. He had everyone moving. A guy beside us took Leah up to the stage with Jason and he got Adam to shake hands with her. When she was little she wanted to marry Adam. She's a little swayed by Jon Stevens these days as after the concert she told me that he is so cute. I have to agree.

Now we have another concert to look forward too in early April.

We can't wait to go to

Just Jason and I are going as it's 18 years and over.

This concert is in Eastern Park in Geelong. We will see Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, Sara Storer, Shannon Noll, Travis Collins, The McClymonts and Kirsty Lee Akers (that's the lineup so far). What a great lineup. We are going to stay in Geelong overnight rather than drive home so late at night. I can't remember the last time we stayed overnight somewhere together.


Megan said...

Hi Dawn,

It sounds like you had a great time...and Jon Stevens has always been a bit of a fantasy man of mine too lol.

April also sounds like a great line up - have fun!

Megan xx

Paula said...

Looks like an awesome night - glad you all enjoyed it. The Geelong event sounds great - I'm sure you and Jas will have a great night out and enjoy your "me" time :)

Elie Smith said...

Dawn what a great singer I have always loved hearing Jon Steven's
sing glad you had a great night look forward to hearing about it in April too

Trish said...

Wow sounds awesome !!!!!!
I am tempted by the Stampede festival Might see you there lol !!!!!

Anna said...

Hi Dawn,
Just dropped (?) into the Fiskars site and saw the link to your blog.
Thanks for following my 'journey' and leaving such great positive comments.
Nice to think of rejoining the world and catching up on everything. Especially scrapbooking.