Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a lovely time this weekend with Mich and Lee. They caught the train up our way and I picked them up from the station. We had a yummy lamb roast, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, carrots, yorkshire puddings, and cauliflower cheese for dinner and sat around the fire outside for a bit until it rained. We headed inside and enjoyed a few drinks, rang Uncle Mick and had a great evening. It went way too fast and Mich and Lee caught the train back into the city as they were going to watch a one day match of cricket between Australia and India.

Sunday, Jason went fishing for a bit and helped out his Mum with her computer. The girls played guitar in the shed and I weeded the vegetable garden and planted some new seeds in the green house.


Elie Smith said...

glad you had a great weekend Dawn that sounded like a yummy dinner can taste it from here lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn
Your weekend sounded like fun. Love teh photos and your dinner sounds yummy, any recipes you want to share?

Anonymous said...

mmmm...we had a nice weekend too with your Mum and Dad at their sons..We looked through some photo's from your mums trip to england..had Lamb for lunch and then Tony took them around the Farm. teaching bout melons..//lol

Anonymous said...

love the boat to to do a fishing again one day...problem is where would you sit lol...mick