Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Junior School Council

Leah was very excited when she came home from school yesterday and announced she had been chosen for one of the four, junior school council positions.

Leah is a composite 5/6 class this year (there are two 5/6 classes and one year 5 class).

The school voted in three year 5's and one year 6 for the chosen roles. This will mean Leah gets to announce special awards, student of the week etc at school assembly.

Well done Leah.


Elie Smith said...

Congratulations Leah how exciting for you and what a year you will have

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Leah Dawn.....that's fantastic for her.It's real responsible position and one that she is obviously proud of...and rightly so....well done!
I sense a proud mum moment there to Dawn....that's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

well done Leah, hope that you do the job proud.
Nana and Gus xx