Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Day In Melbourne

We spent the day in Melbourne with Mich and Lee. We walked and walked an walked some more. We walked across the city and stopped by Parliment House and then headed to the Museum. Jason and I hadn't been to the new Melbourne Museum. We took our time looking around. I loved the spider and bug area.

Heading back to Mich and Lee's apartment we stopped at 'Treats From Home'. It's a shop stocking English goodies. I bought some packets of crisps so that Jason and the girls could try different flavours (so far our fav is Worcester Sauce flavour), some orange clubs, some lollies and some Daddy's sauce.

We had a bit of a look around the city and then spent an hour at DFO. A great day. We all had sore feet from all the walking.

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Elie Smith, -- Perth WA said...

sounds like a wonderful day Dawn