Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chilling Out

Tomorrow I am taking off for a weekend away with 20 scrapbooking girlfriends. We are planning on chilling out, drinking lots of coffee and lots of good wine, eating awesome food and being catered for by a chef, pigging out on lots of lollies, scrapbooking, bonding, walking, taking lots of photographs. Can't wait to spend 2.5 half days with ladies I have known online for up to eight years.
They have watched my girls grow up. They have supported me through my treatment for Breast Cancer. We have all been there across the miles to support each other through different stages of our lives.
I am so excited. It's only the second time I have been away from Jason and the girls. Sad I know lol. I have printed off a million photos. I will probably end up chatting the entire time.
Stay tuned for photos. This photo was taken last year at Florewen Retreat at Lake Dewar. Same place as where we are heading tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the b/day card Dawn, I ha dto work but still had a nice day dad gave me a 100 voucer for Rockmans so I got some ne wclothes for my holiday in august not that I need any.
Hope that you have a good girlie weekend and have fun.

Jodene said...

Have a wonderful trip away with the girls, and since it's only the second time you've been away, maybe 2008 will be your year to get out more. LOL I know I am hoping to do that too!

I had to get a new computer a few months before xmas and lost all my old links, but I am glad to have found you again :)

Petrina McDonald said...

You are going to have SUCH a good time Dawn - you deserve it!
Love, P

Lesli said...

OH WOW - what a beautiful photo!!! I love rainbows - what an awesome shot!

sollie said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends. Don't forget to show some pics of your creations and the fun stuff you did.
Love, Isolde